University of East Anglia · 15th October 2018

Building a Boycott Campaign

This panel event will explore the way in which boycotting has always been central to the British Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM). Indeed, the AAM has its roots in the boycott movement established in 1959 as anti-apartheid activists reacted to Chief Albert […]

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University of Sussex · 3 December 2018

University Organising: Then & Now

This event brings together current students, former student activists in the Anti-Apartheid Movement, and academics to discuss organising on university campuses during the anti-apartheid era, and today. Participants will discuss anti-apartheid campaigns and what they looked like, comparing these to […]

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SOAS · February 2019

Solidarity Across Borders

Today’s generation of activists often hold up the anti-apartheid¬† movement in the UK as an ideal example of how solidarity should function. It was organised and coordinated with direct reference to the ANC, with a clear view of the strategic […]

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Leeds · March 2019

Navigating Repression

Addressing the African National Congress (ANC) in 1953, Nelson Mandela noted, “There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere.” Using Mandela’s statement as a launching point, this event will examine how activists and campaigners navigate repression. The history of the […]

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