The AAM Multi-Faith Committee

Posted by War On Want

The Anti-Apartheid Movement sought to involve people of all faiths in campaigning against apartheid. After a 1984 Inter-Faith Colloquium on Apartheid attended by Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and Sikhs, the AAM’s Multi-Faith Committee was established. It held its first meeting at the Central Gurdwara in London at the beginning of 1985.  (Pictured below, a declaration made by the Inter-Faith Colloquium in 1984).

The AAM Multi-Faith Committee’s campaigns varied widely. On the 21st December 1986 the committee held a carol service in Trafalgar Square (Pictured below, a poster for the event). The singing was led by the ANC and SWAPO choirs and the London Community Gospel Choir, and other groups gave readings on the situation in Namibia and South Africa. The event was sponsored by the four leading black London newspapers.

Members of the AAM’s Multi-Faith Committee also held daily silent lunch hour vigils outside the South African Embassy in the week before Easter 1985. (Pictured below, Churchmen protest outside South Africa House).

Alongside SATIS (Southern Africa the Imprisoned Society), the committee also organised the memorial meeting for anti-apartheid campaigner Steve Biko in September 1987 to mark the 10th anniversary of his death in detention. The congregation at Notting Hill Methodist Church in west London heard readings by Muslims, Jews and Christians.


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