Stop Cabora Bassa Dam

Posted by War On Want

The huge Cabora Bassa dam project in Mozambique was a collaboration between South Africa, Rhodesia and Portugal. The project was intended to supply electricity to South Africa.

The poster below advertised a teach-in on Mozambique on Monday, January 26, 1970 with a FRELIMO speaker, Lord Gifford, Colin Morris and the ANC (African National Congress). to mobilise opposition to investment by British companies in the dam. One such British company was Barclays Bank which was targeted by anti-apartheid campaigners. As one of the biggest banks in South Africa, the campaign against Barclays quickly grew.

The campaign was organised by the Dambusters Mobilising Committee, a coalition of groups that included the AAM, Haslemere Group and Committee for Freedom in Mozambique, Angola and Guiné, set up on the initiative of the African National Congress.

The pamphlet (below) was written for the Dambusters Mobilising Committee, a coalition of groups set up to campaign against the involvement of British companies in the project. The pamphlet and a campaign poster were funded by the WCC’s Programme to Combat Racism.


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